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Songs and Singing (with Liz Hodgson)

Liz Hodgson is an Oxford-based singer, writer and choir leader.

"This website contains my original harmony songs to listen to for free. You can also buy 'Learning Kits' for each song. Enjoy! When the virus situation permits, there will be details of workshops and teaching as well. You may know me from workshops and singing groups, inspired by the ‘Natural Voice’ way of singing and teaching. Since 2018 I’ve been ‘semi-retired and available for projects’. Still true".


Emily's Choirs

Emily Marshall is a dynamic singing leader and teacher working with eight choirs and groups in Oxfordshire. She creates a supportive space for you to experience a rich, eclectic range of music. Whether you're an experienced singer or beginner, she invites you to find your own voice, and together achieve something magical.


This website was designed just before the lockdown in March 2020. Following the restrictions for singing face-to-face, Emily redesigned the website to showcase the work she was doing online using Zoom.