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Song Liz

Liz Hodgson is an Oxford-based singer, writer and choir leader. The website contains Liz's original harmony songs to listen to for free. You can also buy 'Learning Kits' for each song, with everything you need to learn and teach them (a full recording, the parts sung separately, a score and a lyric sheet).

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Pauline's Glorious Choirs

Pauline MacDonald runs four glorious choirs in Southampton, including a choir for those with Parkinson's and other health conditions.​ The website showcases the four different choirs and how they are beneficial for health.

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Emily's Choirs

Emily Marshall is a dynamic singing leader and teacher working with eight choirs and groups in Oxfordshire. She creates a supportive space for you to experience a rich, eclectic range of music. This website was designed just before the lockdown in March 2020. Following the restrictions for singing face-to-face, Emily redesigned the website to showcase the work she was doing online using Zoom.



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