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We can help with talking through what you want to achieve, and the pros and cons of different technical solutions. Specifically we can

  • clarify your aims and the potential audience for your website;

  • explain the different technical options for displaying content (for example video and audio); and

  • guide you through the technical aspects of choosing and registering a domain name.



Hadfield Consultants

Founded in 2010, this strategic consultancy works with government departments, education and research agencies, universities and colleges, edtech start-ups and investors.


Your Climate Strategy

Your Climate Strategy is a small impact-driven consultancy run by experienced professionals who understand both the need for ambitious climate actions and the challenges that are often faced in delivering them.

Emily's Choirs

Emily Marshall is a dynamic singing leader and teacher working with eight choirs and groups in Oxfordshire. She creates a supportive space for you to experience a rich, eclectic range of music.

Song Liz

Liz Hodgson is an Oxford-based singer, writer and choir leader - her website contains original harmony songs to listen to for free. You can also buy 'Learning Kits' for each song, with everything you need to learn and teach them (a full recording, the parts sung separately, a score and a lyric sheet).

Pauline's Glorious Choirs

Pauline McWilliams runs four glorious choirs in the Southampton area which focus on the joy of singing together. The choirs are very friendly, supportive and welcoming. There are no auditions and you will never be asked to sing on your own (unless you want to). We learn by ear with no written music.

Steve was very easy to work with and I felt completely supported and confident to freely discuss all my ideas. Steve then went away, performed some magic and lo and behold, after a few minor tweaks I now have the professional but simple and accessible website I was after.
I am delighted.

Pauline's Glorious Choirs 

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