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Zoom and Teams

Although we have all got accustomed to online meetings and webinars, they can be extremely demanding to setup and run effectively. We can help with:

  • finding inexpensive ways to improve the camera and sound setup to create a professional look and feel

  • troubleshooting problems with Teams and Zoom

  • designing an effective and enjoyable session


We have professional experience in editing audio for podcasts, music and advertising. We can help you get better results by using the right microphones in the right position. We can also repair existing audio using professional software tools: for example reducing noise and echo.
We also provide voiceover services, for
samples see Voice123.


We can advice on low-cost ways of producing better video, including choosing the right equipment and lighting. 

Equipment and software

  • Sennhesier MKH416 shotgun interview mic

  • Shure MV7X dynamic mic

  • Rode VideoMicro for iPhone recording

  • Adobe Audition audio editing

  • Adobe Premiere Pro video editing

  • Izotope audio repair

  • Logic Pro music editing

See my webpage for more information..

Laptop on desk at home with lighting
Screenshot of audio waveform during editing
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